Thursday 24 January 2013 was Doggie Night at The Light Garden in Centennial Park. To celebrate Centennial Park’s 125th Anniversary, we called for the dog owners to bring their furry pooches along to try and get a group photo of 125 dogs.

In the best traditions of “close but no cigar” we ended up with an agonisingly close 123 dogs in frame!


Official Doggie Night Photo - The Light Garden, Centennial Park (click image for larger version of the image)

Official Doggie Night Photo – The Light Garden, Centennial Park – taken 24 January 2013 (click image for larger version of the image)


In fairness, there was probably another 40-50 dogs within the event site that night, but alas not in shot.


Dog Walkers of Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands is one of the most popular dog walking parks in Sydney. If you are bringing a dog to the Parklands, get familiar with the rules and have an enjoyable time.


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