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Brazilian Fields is one of the most popular sports and event sites in Centennial Parklands…but do you know where the name came from?

On any given Sunday in Centennial Park there are groups of all sorts picnicking and enjoying a social game of footy. But one group of dedicated visitors have taken the familiar picnic in the park and transformed it into a regular weekly cultural event that has become a tradition that binds an entire community!


Centennial Park Canarinhos

Centennial Park's Brazilian Football Team

Brazilian Football Team

The Centennial Park Canarinhos – a local Brazilian Football Club – has been congregating in Centennial Parklands each week since 1972 – that’s 42 years!

Seeking a little taste of home and Brazilian culture, a small group of 30 players gathered every Sunday for a game and a few post-match beers at Kippax Lake in Moore Park. While some players knew each other from their home towns in Brazil, this gathering grew and became a popular activity from new Brazilian arrivals to join.

On special occasions such as Mother’s Day, the team numbers have been known to swell to well over 400 people.


Becoming part of Centennial Park…literally

As the Brazilian community grew in Sydney, so did the Club. Soon it relocated to Centennial Park to play on what was an area of sports fields known as “Pine Grove, Field 7″.

While this was the formal name, over the following years our Parklands Rangers and other staff began internally referring to the area as the “Brazilian Fields” (in reference to the weekly gathering).

The name stuck and has now been formalised as the official name for that part of Centennial Park!


The Centennial Park Canarinhos in action at their 40th Anniversary celebrations in 2012

The Centennial Park Canarinhos in action at their 40th Anniversary celebrations in 2012


And the tradition is still going strong

The Club still congregates every Sunday morning throughout the year, however there may be a number of absences over the coming month with a number of the players heading back to Brazil to catch the FIFA World Cup!

Just another slice of life in Centennial Park that makes this such a fascinating place.



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