Here’s a tail…err….tale of lost and found in Centennial Parklands – with a feathery twist.

Last Friday a gentleman came into the Parklands Office to report his pet bird was lost. He lived very close to the Parklands and thought the chances high that his pet cockatiel may find its way to the trees of the Park. It was a long shot, but he was very sad about his lost pet.

Our customer service staff (Linn and Irene) made a few radio calls to the Rangers and took the gentleman’s name and number, without much expectation of a ‘find’.


What happened next?

At just after 5.00 pm a Ranger walked into the office – with THE bird. The bird had actually landed on our CEO, Kim Ellis, as he was about to climb into his car to head home for the evening!

The Ranger, who was previously himself a cockatiel owner, came over and caught the bird. It has now been reunited with its owner!

That’s what we call customer service!


Lost property in Centennial Parklands

While this incredible little tale had a happy ending, we recover a lot of lost property left in Centennial Parklands all year round. If you ever lose, or believe you’ve lost, an item in the Parklands, the first step is to contact the Parklands Office.

While we would also encourage you to re-trace your steps from your visit, we often have other park visitors hand in lost items, so there is always the chance someone else may have found your item.


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