Welcome to the official Centennial Parklands blog!

Centennial Parklands is a world-class public parklands located in Sydney, Australia. The Parklands is a collection of three adjoining major urban parks – Centennial Park, Moore Park and Queens Park. We provide a high quality public space for people to enjoy, to exercise, to meet, to play, to eat, to be entertained and to be an oasis from the high density world around us.

However the Parklands is nothing without the people. You are central to all that we do.

Our blog aims to tell stories about Centennial Parklands – the what, why, when, where and how.


You may not know…

Here’s a few facts and figures about us that may surprise you:

  • Centennial Park is the birthplace of modern Australia
  • Centennial Parklands receives more than 20 million visits a year
  • The 360 hectares is one of the best urban birdwatching vantage points in Sydney, with over 140 species of birds spotted here
  • Centennial Parklands is Australia’s largest community sports destination – 650,000+ registered participants play 35 different sports throughout the year
  • Centennial Parklands is a major venue for indoor and outdoor community events – more than 600,000 attended events here last year
  • Moore Park Golf, in Centennial Parklands, is one of the best and busiest public golf courses in Australia – 1 million golf balls a month are hit off our driving range
  • Through Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre, we are one of only three major global cities to maintain a full-service equestrian centre and horse riding track in the middle of the city
  • Centennial Parklands is at the heart of the Australian film industry, with Fox Studios, Australian Film Television and Radio School, Tropfest, Moonlight Cinema and two multiplexes on-site, and we facilitate more than 170 commercial filming and photography shoots a year

We could go on…


But what drives our work?

Centennial Parklands in the heart of the cityIn short, you.

This simple little post-it note that was left attached to one of our signs by a visitor says it all…Parks make me happy!

The importance of public parks and open spaces to growing urbanised communities is becoming increasingly important. We play a vital role in the physical and mental health of the population, and respond to the needs of our growing city.

Want to know more? Then visit the Centennial Parklands website.

This place has an amazing history, it provides critical functions, and contributes in no small way to making Sydney liveable. A liveable city. A global city. A great city. A city we are proud to say that we play a major role in making it what it is.

We hope you enjoy the blogging journey with us.


How can I learn more?

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