Did you know Centennial Park has probably the largest colony of Grey-headed Flying-foxes in metropolitan Sydney?

We want to challenge your thoughts and perceptions about these widely misunderstood animals. Although they can be delightfully cute and are an important part of eastern Australian natural ecosystems, their great ability to ‘poop’ indiscriminately and their raucous chatter have left them with a bad reputation.


Free bat chats in Centennial Park

We have been granted funding by the New South Wales Environmental Trust to rehabilitate the residing Grey-headed Flying-Fox habitat and engage the community about these beautiful creatures.

This habitat rehabilitation project, called For Our Flying Friends (FOFF), involves a group of young volunteers from Weave’s Kool Kids Club. Assisted by our staff the volunteers are targeting weeding and planting of natives as well as taking guided tours through the habitat in the new free program Bat Chat.

Through the two actions of habitat rehabilitation and community education, FOFF participants not only learn skills in conservation and engaging the community but are safe-guarding the future of an ecologically important threatened species.


Join us for a free Bat Chat tour through Lachlan Swamp

Join us for a free Bat Chat tour through Lachlan Swamp


Join us for Bat Chat

  • Age: All welcome
  • Dates: 2 October, 10 October and 14 November 2015
  • Times: 11.00 am – 1.00 pm
  • Meeting Point/Venue: Information Tent set up across the road from Vernon Pavilion and the Kiosk, Parkes Drive, Centennial Park.
  • Price: Free!


We would like to thank the NSW Environmental Trust for the grant funding to allow this environmental improvement and social engagement program.


NSW Environmental Trust


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