Carrington Drive, Centennial Park

After a slight delay due to wet weather, we’ve now completed the resurfacing of Carrington Drive in Centennial Park.

Carrington Drive, stretching across the northern end of Centennial Park, caters to a high volume of daily motorists, cyclists, dog walkers and pedestrians. Additionally, it adjoins two major underground reservoirs and is a key carriageway for patrons attending the annual Moonlight Cinema when it is in session.

As part of our Sustainable Parklands Program, we identified this busy roadway has a priority need for repair and resurfacing. The work has now been completed, and the 800 metre stretch of new roadway now re-opened for general use.

We appreciate everyone’s patience while we undertook these important works.


The newly resheeted Carrington Drive, looking west

The newly resheeted Carrington Drive, looking west


The newly resheeted Carrington Drive, looking east (Centennial Park Reservoir to the left)

The newly resheeted Carrington Drive, looking east (Centennial Park Reservoir to the left)



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