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    Centennial Health Club delivers indoor exercise in the Parklands

Centennial Health Club

Centennial Parklands has been described as Sydney’s ‘best outdoor gym’ – but did you realise we also feature an ‘indoor’ gym as well?

The Centennial Health Club, based at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, is a gym with a philosophy, and one that knows the challenges of modern life and trying to fit exercise in a busy daily routine.


So what does that mean exactly?

“We have created a specially crafted designer space where you will actually want to workout! We have a top of the line cardio suite, free weights and strength machines and run a huge range of new and exciting fitness classes, as well as yoga and Pilates,” said Andrew Bovill from Centennial Health Club.

“We find that a lot of people tend to equate health with fitness. This is not necessarily so. Although fitness is an indicator of health, it by no means qualifies you as healthy just because you’re fit and in shape. We look to bring this message out in our programs, and support this through an on-site nutrionist and naturopath.”

“We also have a range of Qi Therapies available within the gym, to provide a more rounded approach to your health.”


The Centennial Health Club is located in the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park

The Centennial Health Club is located in the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park


And what about the family-friendly part?

Centennial Health Club runs a free on-site crèche/child minding service (which is free with Membership!). Parking is also never a hassle, with a multi-storey car park (2 hours free parking) available just moments from the front door.


OK, sounds great. Where do I find out more?

Jump online at: www.centennialhealthclub.com.au, find them on Facebook, or phone (02) 9357 7416.


To be climbing the walls is actually a good thing at Centennial Health Club

To be climbing the walls is actually a good thing at Centennial Health Club


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