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    Centennial Homestead gets a new safety ramp

We have just completed  $8.3 million in safety upgrades and asset improvements across the Parklands, from fixing broken taps to  installing  impressive-looking soft-fall material across the Parklands playgrounds to make them more kid-friendly and accessible. But have you seen the results for the final and most recent project in the program, to improve the deck and ramp at Centennial Homestead?

A new, redirected ramp has been constructed at the rear of the Centennial Homestead building, right near Banksia Way.


Why the improvements?


Centennial Homestead is one of the Parklands’ busiest food and beverage hubs utilised by all types of visitors, especially families with young children.

Parklands staff identified a safety concern with children riding small bikes and scooters toward oncoming traffic on Banksia Way. A report was completed and a decision was made to redirect the ramp towards the Restaurant Playground and away from the road

The new design also features a pedestrian chicane, and it is wider and more wheelchair and pram-friendly – no more tight corners!


The finished product…


Check out the new ramp in the photos below.



A more pram and wheelchair friendly ramp


Looking back - to the right is where the ramp used to sit, in the Garden

Looking back – to the right is where the ramp used to sit, in the Garden


But wait, there’s more!


An upgrade to the existing deck was also undertaken simultaneously, which involved demolishing and replacing the existing deck structure with new composite decking product. Multiple new joists and beams were installed to provide additional strength and support to the structure. It has also been finished with a new non-slip surface.

Take a look at the new deck in these photos.


The stylish new and improved timber deck!

The stylish new and improved timber deck


More study and accessible - thanks to the new ramp

More study and accessible, with a non-slip surface


Why not stop by, grab a coffee and check it out?


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