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    Centennial Park Honey part of a wider bee movement

Centennial Park Honey

Centennial Park Honey has now gone on sale. What you may not be aware of, however, is that the bee hives and honey in Centennial Park are actually a small part of a growing global movement to raise awareness of the importance of bees to our lives. They are far more important than most of us are aware.

Bees are some of the most important pollinators in the world. Estimates are that 1 in every 3 bites of food we take is thanks to the pollinating work of these little creatures!

Globally there has been a dramatic loss of bee populations, for reasons known and unknown. The importance of reintroducing bees to areas of food production and urban areas is critical if we are to continue to provide enough food for the population, and have the variety of plants in our cities.

If you have a few moments, the following short video is a TED talk given by world renowned bee expert, Marla Spivak in 2013. Fascinating stuff that we never really hear about.



Now, do your bit!

You can help us spread the word about bees by buying Centennial Park Honey. All profits go back into the Parklands. This money goes towards such activities as park maintenance and upgrades, environmental restoration, and education. On this last point, the bee hives in Centennial Park actually form part of our education offering to schools, so we can tell the younger generations of the importance of bees to their lives.


How can I buy Centennial Park Honey?

At present, Centennial Park Honey is available at an exclusive number of outlets in Centennial Parklands:

We hope to bring this delicious offering to more outlets in the near future.


Get your jar of Centennial Park Honey today - also makes a great gift!

Get your jar of Centennial Park Honey today – also makes a great gift!



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