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An exciting pre-announcement! Your favourite park in Sydney is now your favourite source of honey. We’re excited to let you know that “Centennial Park Honey” – our very own raw, unheated and delicious honey – is now ready for you to enjoy at home everyday!

Harvested from beehives located right in the heart of Centennial Park, we have produced an exclusive batch of Centennial Park Honey as part of the Centennial Park 125th anniversary celebrations.

Honey sourced and harvested locally retains the distinctive flavours of the local environment, and with the wonderful array of plants and trees in the Park, we guarantee that you will find our honey a welcome change from the mass-produced commercial honey products on offer.


A great gift idea…

Not only is this a great tasting product, but we have an exclusive batch of just 125 jars – individually labelled and gift-wrapped with our 125th Anniversary branding.

A wonderful gift for a family or friend, that you simply cannot get anywhere else!


So, where can I get my jar?

Centennial Park Honey goes on sale from Saturday 30 November 2013 from the Centennial Park Visitor Information Counter and the Parklands Office.

Priced at just $15, this is the perfect gift that gives – not only will you or your loved one enjoy great tasting, boutique honey but all profits from the sale of the honey goes straight back into maintaining and improving Centennial Park!


Reserve your gift-wrapped jar before you miss out!

To make sure you don’t miss out on your exclusively numbered, gift-wrapped honey, you can call the Parklands Office and pay by credit card over the phone. We’ll then put it aside for you to come and pick up at a later date.

Come and enjoy this unique and great tasting product from your favourite Park!




This is not the only gift idea coming up from Centennial Parklands this year. Very shortly we will be releasing the ‘Centennial Park – A History’ book (125th Anniversary edition). Stay tuned by subscribing to our eNewsletter and being the first to know when this great book will be available.



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