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    Centennial Park Labyrinth sparks global interest


The Centennial Park Labyrinth has received a great response from the community since its opening in late 2014, and has now sparked online interest globally in labyrinths around the world.

As part of our celebrations of the opening of the Centennial Park Labyrinth, we sent a great image from the day to The Guardian.

The image, shown below, was picked up by their GuardianWitness section and used to start a forum to encourage people from around the world to share images of labyrinths.


Taken from www.theguardian.com

Taken from www.theguardian.com


Fascinating labyrinths of the world

The result of this call-out to readers resulted in a range of fascinating and fantastic images of labyrinths. Labyrinths from South Africa, England, France, China, USA and Scotland appeared. Some similarities, many differences, but all generally distinctly labyrinths in Chartres Cathedral design style.


You’re invited to a public dedication: 1 February 2015

On Saturday 1 February 2015, renowned labyrinth advocate Rev Dr Lauren Artress (Founder of Veriditas: The Worldwide Labyrinth Project) will be visiting Sydney. She will be leading a public dedication of the Centennial Park Labyrinth, starting at 6.30pm.

All are welcome to attend.

“The extent to which labyrinths are considered effective is directly connected with the experience they engender; the emotions and insights they ignite, the sense of calm or presence they evoke, the depth of solace they bring and the activation of our interior symbolic realms that they stir.”
~ Lauren Artress, Walking a Sacred Path

Location of the Centennial Park Labyrinth


Location of the Centennial Park Labyrinth

Location of the Centennial Park Labyrinth


Don’t forget to download your free track!

You can download free a symphonic track that was written by Corrina Bonshek especially for the Centennial Park Labyrinth – details here.

You can also listen to a great ABC Radio National story on Corrina and the Centennial Park Labyrinth here.



The Centennial Park Labyrinth is one health-related improvement opportunity we offer the community. We have many more tips, advice and ideas on how you can improve your health and fitness in the Parklands. Subscribe to our Health and Fitness eNews now.



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