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    Centennial Park named as Light Rail stop

Transport for NSW recently unveiled the proposed names for 19 stops along the CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) route, and the exciting news is “Centennial Park” is recommended as the name of the main stop on Alison Road.

After the decision to relocate the Alison Road stop to sit inside Centennial Park, this proposal from Transport for NSW makes a lot of sense.

The Park is open 365 days a year and attracts more than 10 million people annually – local, domestic and international, making it one of the most visited green spaces in Sydney.

The new Light Rail route will bring long-term benefits for the Parklands and wider community, allowing visitors to access the Parklands more easily and more often.

Two other stops have been named within the Centennial Parklands precinct, including Moore Park (on Anzac Parade), and E.S. Marks (on Anzac Parade directly adjacent the E.S. Marks Athletics Field).


Full CSELR Light Rail route image_600w

Why is this important?

The naming of these stops matter because they are the first step in how customers navigate this new public transport system. Names help them to understand how they can use public transport system, and to successfully plan trips or connections.

The benefits the new light rail system will bring to Centennial Parklands include:

  • improved public transport and access options for visitors to the Parklands – providing more access and opportunity to visit these green spaces;
  • decrease in vehicles entering the precinct – helping to reduce traffic congestion both within the Parklands and in streets and arterial roads adjacent the Parklands;
  • reducing peak congestion on major event days; and
  • achieving our ongoing commitment to reducing on-grass parking on event days in Moore Park.


Come and visit us!

Centennial Parklands is a must-see tourist destination, and a recreation space and haven for Sydneysiders and visitors alike. Covering 360 hectares, the Parklands encompasses Centennial Park, Moore Park (including the Entertainment Precinct) and Queens Park, combined attracting 25 million visitors annually.

The Parklands are aesthetically beautiful as well as historically significant, housing Australia’s Federation monument, The Federation Pavilion. They are also home to over 15,000 trees, Australian wildlife, ponds, flowers beds, statues, sporting precincts, as well as offering a selection of cafes and restaurants.

So come and visit us! Find out more about the Parklands on our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Wild Play Garden - Centennial Park

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