Photos of the Week this time shows how time of day, let alone time of year, can really make your photos special. The daily and seasonal changes in Centennial Parklands makes this a place that doesn’t stand still and keeps you coming back and back!

Regular park visitor, Claire Isaac, has captured some beautiful photos of the park and its life:

I live around the corner from Centennial Park and I try and walk three times a week at about 6.30am. I started taking photos of the birds as I grew really fond of them and loved watching them all in the mornings. Especially the little babies…they’re so cute! I really like the light first thing in the morning too, and I look for shots to take now (instead of concentrating on walking for fitness! Whoops!). Centennial Park is a great place to walk and an amazing place to photograph. I really love it – it’s a very happy place for me!

Noting herself as “an amateur at best” Claire says her interest in photography has taken off because of Instagram and people’s response to her photos.


Early morning sun - image by Claire Isaac

Early morning sun – image by Claire Isaac



Misty morning waddle - image by Claire Isaac

Misty morning waddle – image by Claire Isaac



It's warmer together - image by Claire Isaac

It’s warmer together – image by Claire Isaac



Swan lake - image by Claire Isaac

Swan lake – image by Claire Isaac


Thanks Claire – stunning photos and we’ll now be expecting to see a lot more on Instagram in coming months!


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We’d love to see your view on our Parklands or its ‘residents’!


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