Column Garden in Centennial Park, Sydney

Column Garden in Centennial Park is one of the most historic, and much loved parts of the Parklands. It’s also one of our most popular wedding ceremony locations.

Column Garden takes its name from two sandstone columns erected on the Busby Pond promontories in 1890. These two columns originated from the demolished portico of the old Australian Museum (William Street Wing), part of the original designs of James Barnet (constructed between 1866 and 1868).

The gardens themselves were planted around 1900 by Joseph Maiden, primarily as an experimental Native Flower Garden established for scientific and educational use. Later it was used for horticultural display.

Column Garden: season by season - photos by Chris Gleisner

Column Garden in Centennial Park: summer, autumn, winter, spring. Stunning. – photos by Chris Gleisner

The area was originally enclosed to the west by a hedge of Coprosma repens also attributable to the planting design of Maiden. However this was later replaced with Murraya paniculata.

Today one column stands in the Column Garden and the other on the promontory to the garden’s west.

A stunning place for a wedding

Column Garden is one of our more popular outdoor wedding ceremony venues. If you are interested in learning more about wedding ceremony opportunities in the Parklands, visit our Weddings page on our website.

Make your special day a memorable day in the Park!


We can even offer the complete package – ceremony, reception and accommodation in the Park:



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