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    Let’s connect families with nature


Bush School is our leading nature education program – and now we’re making it available to families to enjoy right here in Centennial Parklands.

Bush School follows in the footsteps of our popular line of outdoor, hands-on programs that aim to let kids enjoy the great outdoors and find a strong connection to it, while expanding their mental and physical skills.

Now, kids aged 3-5 will have a chance to experience adventure outside in Bush School. Running for two hours each week over the course of five weeks, participants will run, jump, climb, and explore their way to a deeper understanding, greater curiosity, and more meaningful connection with the world around them, as well as themselves.

Nature play is beneficial in so many ways during a child's early years

Nature play is beneficial in so many ways during a child’s early years


But the program is for more than just kids!

Parents accompany their little explorers and will learn how to foster curiosity, connection, and common sense in nature.

Parents may also notice some nice side effects of this time immersed in a green environment. Studies worldwide have shown that people who spend more time in nature are calmer, happier, and healthier. Experiments around the world find that time spent in nature improves physical and mental health in countless ways, from reduced blood pressure and levels of adrenalin, to better focus and feelings of confidence and contentment.

This wonderful video from Nature Play WA highlights even more of the benefits from time in nature like resilience and self-esteem.


It makes sense really. For most of our history, humans have been living in nature. We think of ourselves as a modern, urban species, but only 2,000 years ago the largest city had a population of only 50,000!

In 2014 still only 54% of people worldwide lived in urban areas. That percentage is growing rapidly, but for the vast majority of our history, nature has been our home. It’s no wonder we feel so happy in it.


Information and bookings

The new public version of Bush School is running for 5 weeks, starting 28 April 2015.

Read more and book now for this memorable program. You won’t be disappointed – unless you miss out!


Wild Play Garden - Centennial Park


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