Got to love what Centennial Park can bring together – how about a gathering of wee canines!

“Dachshunds in the Park” is an informal gathering of Dachshund owners, started in Centennial Park around 2007. The first meeting featured just 12 Dachshunds – but those same dogs and people still come along!

While meetings have always been advertised by word of mouth, the group have always met on the last Sunday of the month in Centennial Park at the same place – Federation Valley.

The Park’s gathering has grown to be one of the most popular Dachshund events in Sydney, an averages between 50 and 70 dogs.


What a cutie!

What a cutie!


A Dachshund group hug!

A Dachshund group hug!


We wish you a Dachshund Christmas…

Every year the group even has a Christmas party in Centennial Park which features:

  • ‘Dapper Dachshund’ – fancy dress
  • ‘Dachshund-Dash’ – a race usually featuring one or two fast dogs and the rest dawdling along or stopping along the way wondering what on earth is going on!


Santa Dachshund

Santa at the annual Christmas party


Christmas cheer abounds!

Christmas cheer abounds!


End to another year full of Daccie fun...

End to another year full of Daccie fun…


Want to know more?

The Dachshunds in the Park gathering is a group of friends (not a club or a membership) however, they do encourage people to support Sydney Dachshund Club, and Dachshund Rescue Australia.

The online shop tends to be a good contact point for people, as is their Facebook page “Dachshunds in the Park”.


– Thanks to Michelle, Sharman and Judy from DITP for their assistance with this post.


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