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    Photos of the Week: Did you get your ‘green exercise’ in this week?

Have you heard of ‘green exercise’?

Research shows that ‘green exercise’ or spending a short amount of time (often just 15 – 30 minutes) walking or jogging in a green natural setting can:

  • increase ability to cope with stressful events and improve outlook on life
  • decrease levels of depression
  • improve sleeping patterns and mood

With more than 25 million visits made to Centennial Parklands every year and roughly half of these made by people walking, running, cycling, dog walking, horse riding and engaging in other sports, Sydney-siders clearly can’t get enough of their ‘green exercise’!

Below are some of our favourite photos of people exercising outdoors in the Parklands this week…and if it interests, you can read more about green exercise here and here!

Moore Park Golf

Image credit: @paulcarter23 – Boys have been a little hit and miss today!


Image credit: @rafaelsm Good ride in the #centparklands, now hitting the gym. #sydney #straya #centennialpark #queenspark #commuterlife #reidcycles #calisthenicscommunity


Image credit: @daturkk – Awesome people again with Flow X. Love outdoors, thanks for the turn up. @flowathletic



Image credit: @alexisgerman – Cycling is so much fun #cyclingmakesmehappy #cyclesydney #rideyourbike #cubebikes



Image credit: @svendsenfitnesshealth”A true test of character isn’t how you are on your best days, but how you perform on your worst days” Liv this morning @ York Road Runners getting it done working through 2 x 3.5km park loops



Image credit: @pathologic_ktDay 15: Bright. Lovely afternoon for a ride on my study break.



Image credit: @_tracies – Valentine’s Day is over & every day can surely be Valentine’s Day, really. Open yourself to love.



Image credit: @charlihnote* – Riding through swan poo is not a good idea #superglue



Image credit: @iamwac – Off to Centennial Park next week with Nike Run Club. Keen to see some new faces in the new location and get some new feet in these new shoes Image by: @marceauphotography


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