Queens Park dog walking

Did you know that 43 per cent of Centennial Parklands is an off-leash dog walking area? That’s 154 hectares! No wonder more than 1 million dog walks are taken a year in the Parklands.

As a shared public space, there are a few things that all dog walkers in the Parklands should be aware of.


Where are the on-leash and off-leash areas?

Dogs in Centennial Parklands

Dogs in Centennial Parklands

Pick up or download our Dogs in the Parklands brochure (PDF, 955 kb) which has a great map to provide the on-leash and off-leash areas (it’s also available on our visitor app).

As a general rule-of-thumb, all areas inside the Grand Drive loop in Centennial Park are on-leash. These areas include environmentally-sensitive zones, sports fields, playgrounds, dining areas and education spaces.

There are only a few areas of the Parklands that dogs are not allowed to enter at all. These include the Moore Park Golf course, the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre, the Federation Pavilion and any waterway or water body.

This is for the safety of the dog and other park users and birds/animals.


There’s no such thing as a dog poo fairy!

While the vast majority of responsible dog owners carry their own dog poo bags, we do provide nine dog poo bag dispensers around the Parklands to help those who forget or run out.

But remember, responsible dog walkers only take what they need! We go through around 200,000 dog poo bags a year. The provision of dog poo bags is a free public service we provide, but we need you to be fair to your fellow dog walkers and only take what you need.


But the dispensers were empty last time I looked!

We often receive feedback that the bag dispensers are empty. This is often not the case. We refill dispensers every Monday and Friday. While they can, and indeed do, run out at times, many times they still have bags but appear empty. When you tear off a dog bag, sometimes you may do it in a way that the following bag then retracts back under the hood of the dog bag dispenser. So the bags are there, just not visible. If the dispenser seems empty, just check under the hood first before reporting an empty dispenser.


The Dog Poo Fairy makes a rare appearance in Centennial Park

The Dog Poo Fairy makes a rare appearance in Centennial Park


How many dogs can I walk at once?

Up to four dogs – under control. That’s not just our rule, that is State law.


How we help dog owners

We help dog owners every day, all year round. Here’s just a few ways:

  • Lost dogs: if you lose your dog in Centennial Parklands, we would encourage you to contact our Parklands Rangers on 0412 718 611 or report it to the Parklands Office or Visitor Information Counter. If the dog is not found, the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is a place to start. You can visit their website or call (02) 9587 9611.
  • Dirty dogs: we have a seven day-a-week dog grooming service in Centennial Parklands. Find them just near Federation Valley in Centennial Park!
  • New or naughty dogs: our long-running friends at the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club (based in Centennial Park) can provide a puppy training service. Visit their website for all the information.


Some good news…dogs are good for you!

We look after one of the most dog-friendly public spaces in Sydney – certainly one of the largest in terms of dog-free space to run and play. But did you know dog walking is not just good for your dog…it’s also good for you!

There is much research and information available that demonstrates the all round benefits of dog walking (some examples here , here , and here). Not only will it help you meet the recommended National Physical Activity Guidelines for Australians but it’s also a great family activity to bring parents and kids together.


The final word…

We may be dog-friendly. We may be cycling-friendly. But we don’t necessarily recommend encouraging your dog to cycle.




– – –

Have you recently bought or been given a dog? We have a dog obedience group that meets in Centennial Park most Sundays throughout the year that can help train your ‘best friend’. More details on our website.


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