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    Moore Park – making our city liveable


It’s often said that public parks and green space make cities liveable – but what is ‘liveability’ and why is a place like Moore Park so important?

It is encouraging that liveable cities is a concept that is currently on the national agenda:

Liveable, vibrant cities are absolutely critical to our prosperity. (They are) where the bulk of our economic growth can be found … (and they are) economic assets. (M)aking sure that Australia is a wonderful place to live in, that our cities and indeed our regional centres are wonderful places to live, is an absolutely key priority of every level of government. - the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia


Why should we care about Moore Park?

Consider these statistics:

  • 54% of people on earth live in cities (this is expected to become 66% by 2050)
  • 67% of Australians live in a capital city (this was 37% in 1901)
  • Sydney’s population is expected to be 6 million by 2036 (a 40% increase on 2010 figures)
  • 60,000 new residents will be living in the suburbs immediately adjacent Moore Park over the next 20 years (the City of Sydney residential population alone is expected to grow 49% by 2031


Moore Park is part of Centennial Parklands. It is an area often referred to as the ‘green lungs of the city’, but let’s hear about its importance to the liveability of our city…



This growth and change will be a great challenge to the Parklands over time, so we need to plan ahead to ensure our green spaces are not loved to death.


Towards a Master Plan…

To respond to this challenge, in this Moore Park’s 150th Anniversary year, we are creating a Master Plan with an aim to green the green space and revitalise the built space.

The draft Plan has been developed over the last 18 months in consultation with the community, stakeholders and experts.

This is how the plan has been framed:


Click to launch the draft Moore Park Master Plan (note: the online master plan has been created for desktop or tablet view)

Click to launch the draft Moore Park Master Plan (note: the online master plan has been created for desktop or tablet view)


Have your say!

Moore Park has been your park since 1866, so have your say and help us shape the Park for generations to come.

You can view the online exhibition of the draft Moore Park Master Plan now, with the option to either explore the plan on our new interactive mapping feature, or download the entire plan in PDF.


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