Have you ever stood on the shores of Duck Pond in Centennial Park and admired the view? While the water and the life before you can be entrancing, have you ever looked closely at the balustrade fence?

Look at the what?


The Duck Pond fence

If you’ve never noticed the fence before, you’re in for a treat.

The Duck Pond fence was created in 1995, and was the brain-child of the the then Parklands’ Landscape Architect, Gillian Smart. Her vision was to create a railing that enhanced the natural environment and retained the water views, rather than just being a barrier.


And what an amazing job!

This ornamental fence has a timeless design that captures movement, rhythm and a sense of fun. The animal caricatures within the fence break out of the confines of the railing. You can see ducks, dragonflies, frogs, tortoises and eels in the design – depicting some of the flora and fauna found in the pond.

The curved lines of the railing signify the ripples of the water beyond, while the post tops are abstract water lilies based on to traditional Egyptian designs.

A truly stunning fence!

Duck Pond Fence features ducks

The Duck Pond fence features ducks…


...and dragonflies...

…and dragonflies…





...a frog...

…a frog…


...and an eel.

…and an eel.


Not just a viewing platform for humans…

Duck Pond fence is synonymous with providing a daily viewing platform for many of our birds. Ibis, pigeons, seagulls, and many other birds are seen routinely perched atop the fenceline taking in the beautiful scene before them.

Who could blame them!

Just another great little feature that makes up the wonderful story of Centennial Park.


An ibis takes flight from Duck Pond fence

An ibis takes flight from Duck Pond fence


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