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    Eel rescue – all in a day’s work for Centennial Parklands Rangers!

Earlier this week we blogged about Duck Pond – a beautiful part of Centennial Parklands that is the home to many feathery ‘residents’. But Duck Pond is also home to other ‘residents’ who usually live below the surface. One of these residents came a cropper this week and needed a little help!

What happened this week?


136mm of rain fell on Centennial Parklands in 48 hours

136mm of rain fell on Centennial Parklands in 48 hours

And then?

Water rushed into the Parklands through the stormwater network from surrounding suburbs, and pond levels rose quickly. This quick rise in water levels caught out one of our residents…

One of our eels became stuck on the Duck Pond outlet grate

One of our eels became stuck on the Duck Pond outlet grate

Ranger to the rescue!

After this was reported, Ranger Colin came to the rescue by manoeuvering in and flipping our eel friend back out into the pond.

Well done Colin – all in a day’s work for Centennial Parklands’ Rangers!

– – –

What sort of eel is that? The Long-finned Eel. Read more here.


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