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    Storytelling is not a lost art – and it’s good for you!


Storytelling is not a lost art. It took just a few moments in the presence of a master storyteller to show how kids quickly become hooked. And its good for kids.

Pamela Allen, renowned children’s author and illustrator, recently visited Sydney to participate in a tree planting ceremony and book reading to a group of lucky local children.

The occasion was in honour of Pamela’s book Alexander’s Outing, but it didn’t take long to see the power of storytelling on young children.


Author Pamela Allen reads Alexanders Outing at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Author Pamela Allen reads Alexanders Outing at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney


The photo shows the combination of being outdoors in nature, and telling a story. The kids were enthralled. They stopped, sat and listened to the tale.


Why is storytelling important?

“Little children come into the world and they learn to make up stories, to tell stories, to live inside stories, and then make believe by nature but not by nurture. We don’t have to bribe them to do it. It’s as natural and as reflexive for them as breathing.” – Jonathan Gottschall, Distinguished Fellow in the English Department at Washington & Jefferson College


So, storytelling is innate, but it is also a great vehicle for teaching kids stories about nature.

According to Kevin Strauss, children’s author and speaker:

A good environmental story for you to tell is a story that:

  • You love to tell, since you can’t tell a story well if you don’t love it
  • Explains something about nature in a surprising, but appropriate way
  • Is a good lead-in to talking about the science of animals and plants


We have opportunities for your kids

Environmental storytelling is something we encourage at Centennial Parklands. We regularly host storytelling programs for kids.

Our top three storytelling picks that your kids can do in Centennial Parklands these school holidays:


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Want to become an environmental storyteller yourself?

Our friends at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney can help you. There is a great Environmental Storytelling workshop coming up in October. Read more.


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