OK, we saw a few photos like this posted over the last week in Sydney, but who doesn’t love a good ‘double rainbow’ photo? Our Photo of the Week this week is from park visitor, Ewa Facioni.

Double Rainbows are considered symbolic of transformations in your life. The material world is represented by the first rainbow while the second rainbow is the spiritual world. Seeing a single rainbow is fairly common, so something we take for granted in the Universe. When we see a double rainbow, we stop and take time to admire the wonder of the Universe! – Ewa Facioni

I’m at there park every day – twice a day.  In the morning with my 2 miniature schnauzers and then again in the afternoon taking my son to do his running training.

Most of my photos are usually of the dogs…however, I just could not resist the the double rainbow and the beautiful colours of the sunset yesterday afternoon.  The photo, unfortunately,  doesn’t quite capture the depth of oranges at the bottom of the rainbow that the naked eye can see…it was a truly amazing sight!


Double rainbow over Centennial Park - photo by Ewa Facioni

Double rainbow over Centennial Park – photo by Ewa Facioni


Great photo Ewa, thanks for sharing with us.

What causes rainbows? What causes double rainbows? NASA answers that right here. Fascinating!


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