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    Three new exercise programs launched at Centennial Health Club


Centennial Health Club is a gym based within Centennial Parklands, and has just launched three great new programs that may help with the post-Christmas recovery.

Firstly, what is the Centennial Health Club?

Centennial Health Club is an indoor gym located at the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park. It is a gym with a philosophy, and one that knows the challenges of modern life and trying to fit exercise in a busy daily routine. Find out more here.


New programs

Andrew from Centennial Health Club introduces you below to the three new programs.

1. Stretch Me Skinny

A class that uses resistance bands and powerful stretching poses to targeting those tricky to tone muscle groups creating a long and lean physique. Celebrities the world over have been using elastic condition plus targeted stretches for decades for good reason, its focused, its effective and it works you in ways conventional training can’t. Surprise your body with elastic bands to create a long, lean, tight and skinny body.


2. Athletica

Athletica – “train like an Athlete to look like an Athlete”. 30 minutes of explosive, dynamic body weight exercises, including cardio intervals, plyometric, speed drills and core conditioning routines to get you stronger, leaner, faster!.


3. Horse Power

What is called on is good ol’ fashion blunt force trauma – Horsepower. Heavy-duty, cast-iron, pile driving exercise. Every time you complete one of these sessions it’s gotta feel like your tried kissing the express train. Let’s start building serious Horsepower! WARNING: not for the faint hearted!


Find out more

Just head to the Centennial Health Club website for all the information, to make a booking…or to take up their free 7-day trial!

There are also a number of pre-paid Membership offers that may make great gift ideas!


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