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    All the highlights from this year’s Science in the Swamp

Science in the Swamp returned Saturday 12 August 2017 for its fifth consecutive year and as Australia’s largest National Science Week event. There were crowds of more than 10,000 over the day with smiles all around as children (with families in tow) came together to explore and discover the fun behind some of the world’s most important and exciting science ideas and disciplines.

If you missed this year’s event, here is a snapshot of the top five attractions.


#1. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs


Budding paleontologists were queued around the Education Precinct to get a look at Erth’s giant, super realistic Australian dinosaur puppet, Australovenator. Nicknamed ‘Banjo’, the puppet is inspired by an Australian ‘raptor-like’ fossil that was discovered in Winton, Queensland (where the iconic poet Banjo Paterson came from).


Science in the Swamp 2017_980


#2  Possums and snakes


Wildlife was a huge drawcard for bigger kids who got to pat pythons and make best friends with baby possums, all while learning about their vital roles in Aussie ecosystems and habitats.



#3 King and Queen of Green


This live performance with key messages about recycling, composting and caring for the environment had little ones mesmerised and learning about protecting the planet!


Science in the Swamp 2017_980jpg


 #4 Experimental fun


Nutty Scientists and Little Scientists hosted a tent full of hands-on experiments and put on a show complete with crazy mini explosions.


Science in the Swamp 2017_980


#5 Real frogs


Forget Kermit from Sesame Street, real frogs are far better. The line of kids checking out the native Green-tree frogs on display hinted at a likely abundance of herpetologists in the near future.


Science in the Swamp 2017_980


We already can’t wait for next year!


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