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New goal posts

We have now purchased and installed some new football goal posts in advance of the winter sports season in Centennial Parklands.

Four new sets of soccer goal posts, and five new sets of combination goal posts (soccer + rugby) have been installed at…

...at Queens Park...

…Queens Park and…

...McKay Sports Fields in Centennial Park.

…at McKay Sports Fields in Centennial Park and…

...at Parade Grounds, Centennial Park.

…at Parade Grounds, Centennial Park.

As we further prepare our sports fields for the winter season, one local resident has certainly inspected the new posts, and given a ‘thumbs up’…

...or should that be, a "beaks up"?

…or should that be, a “beaks up”?

When do our sports fields re-open for the winter season?

Saturday 23 March.

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Do you play for a sports team that uses Centennial Parklands’ sports fields? Do you play here regularly, or only once a season?

Download our new iPhone app. It has the following features that will be of direct benefit to you:

  • Real-time wet weather closure notifications
  • Map of Centennial Parklands (with GPS locator)
  • Sports field locator
  • Information on nearest facilities, services, food and drink options

Here’s a screenshot:

Click the image to download the iPhone app

Click the image to download the iPhone app

So, either:





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