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    The Light Garden photography competition winners revealed!


OK, the judges’ votes are locked in, and the winners about to be announced. The Light Garden photography competition attracted fantastic entries, and we are very envious of how creative you all seem to be at photography!

Firstly, let’s review the entries:



And now the winners…


Experts Choice Award Winner – Patrick Wang

Judge Peter Solness gives an insight into the tough choice that had to be made:

“Congratulations to all the photographers who supplied images to The Light Garden competition. This was a technically challenging assignment for any photographer. I liked the blend of treatments people used to make their photos more successful and I’d like to give some recognition to those who also took some fantastic shots. For instance there were some nice close-up graphics of the gardens themselves, which were very effective, such as those photos by:

  • Andries Loho (3) and (4)
  • Vanessa Moss (1)
  • Jonathan Choi
  • Ainslie Pasqual (3)
  • Christine Tham (3)

I also loved some of the tender studies of entranced children, such as the photos by:

  • Laura Hegarty
  • Mimi Worssam

There were some interesting post-production treatments also that gave the event a unique character, such as those by:

  • Sacha Walters
  • Daphne Gonzalvez

Capturing an essence of movement is always a great effect, which the slow exposures of low-light photography allow. I enjoyed the energy and creativity of the images by

  • Samara Lewis
  • Lise Jean Kool
  • Carmel Kell

The Wishing Tree was certainly a favourite amongst photographers and it is easy to see why. It was a Wishing Tree image by Patrick Wang that I felt best caught the atmosphere and enchantment of the Light Garden event. There is a wonderful blend of human interest and engagement with the tree itself, along with a great sense of light, detail and movement that makes this image particularly successful.”


The winning image by Patrick Wang

The winning image by Patrick Wang (click image to see larger version)


Well done Patrick, you’ve won a signed copy of Peter Solness’ stunning photography book, Illuminated Landscapes. Hopefully this will inspire you to tackle even more night photography!


Parklands Staff Choice Award – Andrew Worssam

Tough gig! There was such a wide and varied response from Parklands’ staff over which photos truly captured the essence of The Light Garden. Certainly a good number of votes came the way of:

  • Ron Zwiers
  • Simon Leong
  • Bradley Smith
  • Lin Yung Ling (4)

However, the staff votes came up trumps with the Andrew Worssam image:


The Parklands' staff loved the Andrew Worssam image (click to see larger version)

The Parklands’ staff loved the Andrew Worssam image (click to see larger version)


Well done Andrew, you’ve won a copy of Sydney Monopoly, which features Centennial Park and Moore Park Golf on the board!

Congratulations again to the sensational photos that were submitted. Throughout the year we don’t want you to stop there! Keep sending in your photos of Centennial Park, or post them on our Facebook timeline, or tweet them to us. We love seeing the Parklands through the eyes of others, and we’ll be awarding some spot prizes periodically!


Share with us!

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We’d love to see your view on our parklands!

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