Centennial Park is spectacular – but we just made it even more so! How? By adding a Field of Orbs!

Field of Orbs – Light Painting Extravaganza was an event to celebrate 2015 as International Year of Light. Around 500 people gathered in Centennial Park to take part and capture some stunning night magic photography.

Artist, Peter Solness orchestrated around 100 people throughout Federation Valley to create what was essentially, an interactive art installation. To create the ‘orbs’ he gave each person a cluster of fairy lights attached to some twine that were swung in circles whilst each person rotated their body on the spot. The path of these swinging lights was then captured on camera using a 30 second long exposure by Peter and the hundreds of spectators who brought along their cameras and tripods or even smart phones with special apps.

Watch what happened:


Peter says his favourite image is the one where the orb spinners are seen practicing their swinging and rotating. He calls it, “A Playground of Orbs” as it captures the lovely playfulness and creativity being unleashed (well it is the off-leash area of the park) by the Orbsters on the night.


Field of Orbs (image by Peter Solness)

Field of Orbs (image by Peter Solness)


Once the Field of Orbs was captured, Peter instructed participants to use their lights to create a ‘Ring of Fire’ around the historic Federation Pavilion and then a ‘River of Light’ as they walked back to the Belvedere Amphitheatre for a group photo where they were able to see the results of their spinning with complementary photographic prints of the Field of Orbs.


Ring of Fire around Federation Pavilion, Centennial Park (photo Peter Solness)

Ring of Fire around Federation Pavilion, Centennial Park (photo Peter Solness)


More images from the evening can be found on Peter’s Flickr page.


You can experience night magic photography

If you missed this event or would like to take part in one of Peter’s Painting With Light photography workshops head to our website for the upcoming dates and details.


This free community event was made possible with the support of Inspiring Australia, The NSW Department of Trade and Investment and Tamron Australia.


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