Most Sydneysiders have fond memories of weekends spent in Centennial Park and many of them still visit this space today to relax, stay active or be entertained. The Park is one of the most diverse public parklands in Australia and our newest safety campaign, Share the Park, reminds us that we all play a role to ensure it remains an accessible and enjoyable place to visit.

Local father, Dane Holt, has been training and coaching in the Park for over 18 years. He has spent countless hours running and cycling the track to prepare for races and triathlons, representing Australia four times.



Tragically, weeks before his 21st birthday, Dane was hit by a car while on his bike training for Ironman. After weeks in ICU and many months regaining his strength, he was back on the bike but slightly less confident hitting the roads of Sydney. Since then, Dane has sought out controlled environments to cycle such as Centennial Park.



Centennial Park doesn’t only just provide a safe haven for Dane’s structured workouts but it is also a valued space for his family to enjoy quality time together. His young boys have learned to ride their bikes in the Park and have enjoyed pony rides along the Horse Track too. Maybe more importantly, the Park has many coffee spots for Dane and his wife to relax while their little ones play.


Get involved

Our annual Share the Park campaign is now on and we are calling on the community to watch out for each other, reminding users that families, athletes, tourists, commuters and many others use the Park safely each time you visit. During the next three weeks, there will be a variety of free activities such as tune-ups, workshops and entertainment. There will also be competitions with a range of prizes.

The full list of free community events and competitions can be found on the Share the Park page here.

Love the Park, Share the Park!



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