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Millions of visits are made to Centennial Parklands each year for a range of activities. Like all great parks in the world, we have rules and regulations to benefit visitors and to help us protect the Parklands’ plant and animal life.

When you visit the Park you are responsible for ensuring you abide by these rules and regulations to keep this wonderful place safe, accessible and enjoyable for all.

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Below are some simple ways you can help share the Park.

You can also go into the draw to win a night at the historic Residences cottages! Simply take a photo in Centennial Parklands, post it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and tag with #sharethepark!




When walking in Centennial Park:

  • Look both ways before crossing the road;
  • Parents should hold their child’s hand when crossing the road until they have reached the other side;
  • If at the Children’s Learners Cycleway, cross the road using the children’s crossing that has been installed for your safety.



When riding a bicycle in Centennial Park:

  • Slow down – the speed limit is 30 km/h on roads within the Park for all vehicles, including bicycles.
  • Always look out for other park users – the park is there to share.
  • Take extra care at Robertson Road corner, this is a busy intersection with the convergence of cars, horses, pedestrians and dog walkers.
  • Always wear a helmet – this is NSW law.
  • Always follow one-way traffic.
  • Do not ride in pelotons more than 16 – this is a NSW Road Rule and applies in Centennial Park.
  • Consider other cyclists at all times. Large groups of cyclists, or cyclists riding aggressively, can intimidate those less experienced and less confident cyclists, particularly children. Let’s work together to nurture and encourage the next generation of cyclists, not create an uninviting environment.


Dog walkers

When walking a dog in Centennial Park:

  • Get to know where the on-leash areas are in Centennial Park (see our brochure or download our App to get this information). Centennial parklands is one of the most dog-friendly public spaces in Sydney, with 43% of the Parklands off-leash.
  • As a guide, dogs must be on-leash inside and on the Grand Drive circuit, but must kept under effective control at all times.
  • Always pick up your dog’s poo.
  • Please respect the Park by binning your dog poo after picking it up. Poo bags discarded on the ground or in the bushes become an environmental hazard and add to the Parklands’ waste management costs. We have 360 bins located across the Parklands (see our map or download our app for where the nearest bins are located).
  • Dogs are not allowed on the horse or cycle tracks, roads or equestrian grounds, children’s playgrounds, Learner’s Cycleway, in ponds or on sporting fields when in use.
  • In line with NSW Law, a single person can only walk up to four dogs at one time in Centennial Park.


Horse Riders

When riding a horse in Centennial Park:

  • Take extra care when crossing all roads, especially at Robertson Road Gates intersection on Grand Drive. This is a busy intersection with the convergence of cars, horse, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Stay in the designated riding areas.
  • Cantering is only allowed in designated areas.
  • Wear a helmet when riding.
  • Your horse must be properly saddled and bridled.
  • All horses must be led with a bit.

Equestrian riders must also abide by the Equestrian Code of Conduct.



When driving a vehicle in Centennial Park:

  • Slow down – the speed limit is 30 km/h on roads in Centennial Park for all vehicles.
  • Always check your blind spots for cyclists, especially checking over your shoulder for cyclists turning across the cycle lane.
  • Always observe park restrictions.
  • Be aware of Centennial Park’s gate opening and closing times.
  • Under NSW State Law, Learner Drivers are not permitted to drive in Centennial Park (see NSW Road Users Handbook p.21)

For more information on Centennial Parklands rules and regulations visit our website here.

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Together we can keep this one of the world’s best parks.


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