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“A little company creating big ideas” – this is how AGB Events, the creative inspiration behind The Light Garden, describe themselves. And we have to agree. You may not know their name, but you will definitely know their spectacular work.

Who are AGB Events?

AGB Events are producers and creators of large-scale events, festivals and public celebrations. Over the last six years they have conceptualised and delivered an amazing range of innovative experiences that engage, educate and stimulate the imagination and captive audiences who attend our events.

Led by Directors Anthony Bastic and Vickii Cotter, AGB Events works internationally and across Australia with key events – specialising in delivering events for Federal, State and Local government departments.

OK, so where may we have seen their work?

Perhaps you saw the recent Lights of Christmas event created by AGB Events?

Perhaps you saw the recent Lights of Christmas event created by AGB Events?

They have an extensive roll call of events, but some key events where you have undoubtedly seen their work is:

  • Vivid Sydney
  • Sydney New Year’s Eve Celebrations at Taronga Zoo
  • Kids Crazy Island Tea Party on Goat Island as part of the Crave International Food Festival
  • Delectable Queensland- a celebration of Queensland food, local produce and wine
  • Breakfast on Bondi as a part of Crave Sydney International Food Festival
  • Several events for the Australian Paralympic Team in London and Cardiff for the 2012 Games.

Is there a link between AGB Events and Centennial Parklands?

Actually, yes! Anthony Bastic formerly worked at the Parklands, so knows the place extremely well. In fact, it has led primarily to his vision for The Light Garden.

So, what is the vision behind The Light Garden?

Creative Director, Anthony Bastic, explains the meaning behind the creation:

One of the many great things about Centennial Park is that there is always something new to discover: a new flower bed that has been freshly planted in the winter time, then on another visit, discovering that the flower bed is bursting with life and colour as its now spring.

The enjoyment and happiness a visit to Centennial Park brings us is extraordinary.

This evening, we invite you to make a new discovery. To celebrate the Park’s 125th birthday, we have created a light garden made of hundreds of low energy lights that are positioned to resemble one of the parks formal gardens.  The light garden presents us with a night-time experience where we can picnic and enjoy the beauty of Centennial Park  –  a new discovery.

As we make our way to the Light Garden we pass through a ‘boulevard of light’, created to speak to the child in us and adds to the magic of a visit to the park after dark.

The magic that the lights create invites us to look outward and view life with a new perspective. We encourage you to compose a wish for the future and attach to our Wish Tree.

OK, now when is The Light Garden hitting the Park?

The Light Garden will literally be seeing the Park like never before! Opening night is Friday 18 January 2013, and light up the Park for 10 nights.

Each night will bring something a little different, so don’t just come once, find an excuse to come several times. It is, in our view, the quintessential Sydney in summer experience – long warm evening, picnic in the park, and some chilled out entertainment and stunning atmospheric lighting.

This is the program:

So get your family and friends ready, load up the picnic basket and come for a memorable time in your favourite Park!

– – –

Are you a lover of photography? We’re offering you a very, very special opportunity. Renowned Australian night photographer, Peter Solness, will be running his Night Magic Photography Workshop during The Light Garden! Well, that’s not quite correct…he’ll be running two workshops (the first one has already sold out). So if you are a budding photographer or have many years behind the lens, don’t miss out on this workshop. More info here.

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