Here at the Parklands, we aim to create a more sustainable environment for the Parklands and future generations. At Moore Park Golf, we recently introduced LED lighting, solar panels and water-saving all-weather turf  as part of $1.9 million investment to improve the driving range,  greater course and historic club house. Though our newest, most exciting innovation is the arrival of a fleet of 40 custom designed RXV golf carts!

The custom designed RXV golf carts arrived last week to replace a fleet of very tired, very well-loved golf carts at the golf course. Check out the new carts coming off the truck in the photo below.


Driving the new golf carts off the truck

Driving the new golf carts off the delivery truck


How can golf carts be better for the environment?


Most golf carts, like the old ones at Moore Park Golf, operate on a ‘lead-acid’ battery. Our new RXV carts run on a ‘lead-crystal’ battery.

Lead-crystal batteries are 15% more efficient on the golf course, when compared with lead-acid batteries. The technology uses an ‘alternating current platform’ to deliver more power while using less energy. This means less time and energy is required to re-charge batteries. They are also recyclable!

On top of this, lead-acid batteries contain sulphuric acid and typically have a usage life of 2-3 years. Meanwhile, lead-crystal batteries use a specially advanced formula, a new type of composite Silicon Oxide (SiO2) electrolyte developed to replace traditional sulphuric acid solutions. They typically have a usage life of 8-12 years, meaning less waste.


What does all of this mean?


If you are playing golf, it means:

  • a superior on course experience with a highly efficient golf cart that maintains 97% of its speed while climbing steep course hills;
  • you could play two games a day for five years with minimal degradation on the battery pack;
  • less maintenance means more time on the course!


Other great features


Did we mention that there are a host of other great features to enjoy, including:

  • comfortable new black seats;
  • rain covers to keep you dry in the wet;
  • two USB ports so that you can charge your phone while on the course using the Moore Park Golf App!


Here are some more great photos of the carts.


Lined up

Lined up


Ready to roll

Ready to roll


Why not book a round of golf and take one of these for a spin today?


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