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Moore Park has been chosen as the location for a new internationally-certified synthetic sports field, the first of its kind in Centennial Parklands.

The Parklands is Australia’s largest community sports venue, and we already maintain twice the turf sports field area than the four surrounding local councils, but more than 3,000 hours of sport usage a year is lost to wet weather and turf maintenance on our turf sports fields.

Concept image of the new Moore Park Synthetic Field

Concept image of the new Moore Park Synthetic Field


With skyrocketing demand for access and high population growth projected over the coming years, the new synthetic field will provide a much needed all-weather community sports facility that will go part-way to helping resolve some of these issues.

More specifically, the synthetic field will result in a number of key benefits for the community. It will:

  • become a bookable, multi-sport resource
  • provide an all-weather surface
  • increase sports utilisation and help meet community demand for space and access
  • provide a key sports facility adjacent to already existing amenities, recently modernised change rooms and existing sources of power and water
  • be located adjacent to existing public transport routes, within a short distance of the Entertainment Quarter car park, and will be close to the forthcoming light rail station in Moore Park
  • provide a robust sports surface with a much lower maintenance cost
  • minimise green space loss; the new field will be largely constructed on top of existing hard surface courts
  • capture and direct surface water to the Kensington Ponds, which is then utilised for irrigation of other fields around Centennial Parklands.



The synthetic field will be an equivalent full-size rugby league/rugby union/soccer field, and have the ability to reduce down to five-a-side courts (in a configuration of four small-sided and two quarter pitches).

The surface will be compliant with AFL / NRL / ARU / FIFA standards, but will be available to cater for a wide range of sports.


Community need

The project has been researched and developed for over two years, with consultation with sports users, sporting clubs, schools and associations, and the Centennial Parklands Community Consultative Committee helping to reinforce the need for such a facility.

Consultation has also been undertaken with the Parklands Sports Centre operator over ensuring that Legends Netball could be sustained in the future – a key priority of the project.


Further information

To find out more about the project click here.


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