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    Is this the most film-friendly location in Sydney?


What significant public space is home to Australia’s largest film studios, hosts over 180 commercial filming and photography shoots a year, and has a long history of featuring in movie blockbusters?

That’s right, Centennial Parklands.

The Parklands is one of the most film-friendly, and most sought after, venues in Sydney to for production and creative arts companies. Why? Just have a look at this…



Our support for the filming and photography industry assists the State deliver on the Film Friendly NSW policy, which aims to attract ans support filming activity across NSW.


Why is this important?

There are numerous reasons why:

  • It is reported that commercial film and television sector supports the Australian economy by around $5.8 billion annually.
  • It directly and indirectly supports local job creation – for example, a large-scale film production at peak times can create up to 2,000 jobs.
  • It directly and indirectly brings economic benefits to local businesses and the local community – for example, more workers attracted to the Parklands means cafes, restaurants, accommodation and small businesses in the local surrounds see an uplift in business activity.

Being a location for filming and photography also has another direct benefit for Centennial Parklands – it puts us on the map. Being in the spotlight drives awareness and raises the profile of our beautiful places to a national/international audience. Can you think of a film or television show set in New York that doesn’t feature Central Park as a regular backdrop? Just consider the interest generated in visiting that Park that comes from being so regularly in the spotlight.


Big House Locations has been providing locations in Sydney for 25 years and we have filmed numerous commercials and staged photography shoots in Centennial Park. Centennial Park is a valuable location in the middle of Sydney. Whether it be country, forest, sports, lakes, grass, trees, road scenes or even parking, Centennial Park has it all. The staff are always accommodating and the location is well maintained and managed. We love filming at Centennial Park. – Anna Deakins, Big House Locations.

Our support also extends to helping the creative arts and educational sectors through partnerships with, for example, the Australian Film Television Radio School and Sydney TAFE.


Our credits!

There are many credits that we could list over many years, but here is just a summary of recent shoots in the Parklands:

  • Movies: Hacksaw Ridge, Gods of Egypt, The Great Gatsby, Australia the Movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Superman Returns, Star Wars: Episode III, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revisited, The Quiet American, Danny Deckchair
  • Television shows: Rake, Cleverman, Top of the Lake, A Place to Call Home, The Secret Daughter, The Amazing Race (China), Farmer Wants a Wife, The Biggest Loser, Married at First Sight, X Factor, The Voice, Underbelly.
  • Television and print commercial shoots: Ford, Nike, Telstra, David Jones, Reebok, Supre, Australian Country Style Magazine, Sass and Bide, Black & White.
  • Music videos: Dami Im, Wolfmother, Casey Donovan, Hi-5 and Vanessa Amorosi.



Studios and support services

Apart from the outdoor locations, Centennial Parklands is also the home of:


Location guide and enquiries

As a result of a large increase in enquiries over recent years, we have put together this handy Location Guide for those interested in knowing what is available in the Parklands.

More information on filming and photography in Centennial Parklands, and application forms can be found on the Centennial Parklands website.


Harper's Bazaar photo shoot - on location in Centennial Park (2010)

Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot – on location in Centennial Park (2010)


Balancing activity and access

While filming and photography has been bringing benefits and vibrancy to the Parklands for decades, we have strict policies that ensure we can balance this activity with the everyday needs of the community and protection of the environment. All filming and photography are obliged to comply with these regulations and our team works hard to ensure that the impact of these activities are minimised as far as practicable.

This is just another insight into what makes Centennial Parklands a truly world-class public parklands.


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