Last week we were fortunate to host another great NAIDOC Week event in Centennial Park – a Dindal Feast!

This was the second such event we have held in partnership with the City of Sydney Youth Services team – last year’s event was a great start with up to 100 people attending, however this year we saw up to 250 people join us.

During the Welcome to Country, we learnt that prior to European arrival, the lands on which Centennial Parklands is now situated was not a place to camp – it was a meeting place. And today’s event is the perfect link to the past – we all came together to acknowledge and enjoy cultural customs of the world’s oldest continuous culture.

A Gunya (traditional shelter) being built prior to the event

A Gunya (traditional shelter) being built prior to the event

How the Gunya looked like once the bark was applied to the wooden frame

How the Gunya looked like once the bark was applied to the wooden frame

And then, to the event…

Sean Ryan led the dancing and told stories about The Dreaming

Sean Ryan led the dancing and told stories about The Dreaming

There was also some great didgeridoo playing…


What is a Dindal?

A Dindal is a term that refers to an earth oven. Food is cooked beneath the ground using fire and hot rocks, covered in leaves and buried in sand. As we enjoyed the ceremony and dancing exhibition, the food cooked away nearby.

Here’s a Vine video of the uncovering of the Dindal…

And when it emerged? Beautiful! Cooked to perfection.

The Dindal Feast was...well, a feast!

The Dindal Feast was…well, a feast!

Join us next time!

As we ‘live tweeted’ and posted images on Facebook, we received a few messages from people disappointed they couldn’t get to the event. We can confirm that Centennial Parklands will be support this as an annual event. So, here’s your 12 month heads up – take the time to come and join us for the next one in NAIDOC Week 2014. You (and your stomach) won’t regret it.

Culture, fun and food. What more could you want!

So make sure you keep up-to-date through eNewsletter, Facebook, Twitter or iPhone app.

The Dindal Feast version of a 'set list'!

The Dindal Feast version of a ‘set list’!

– – –

Centennial Parklands would like to pay its respects to the Gadigal clan of the Eora Nation of  as the traditional custodians of the country on which Centennial Parklands has been constructed. We would like to thank each of the participants and organisations involved in putting on this fabulous event.

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