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    National award recognises innovation at Centennial Parklands


Centennial Parklands has been recognised with a national industry award, recognising excellence for technology initiatives that have been rolled out over the past 12 months.

At the recent Facilities Management Association of Australia‘s Industry Awards for Excellence 2014, the Parklands

work in asset management, digitisation and automation of the traditionally labour-intensive irrigation system was considered industry-leading.

FMA National Awards 2014


The work being recognsed included a number of key projects, including:

  • the full integration of the Asset Management System with the daily operational and maintenance services through mobile access devices
  • establishment of an extensive computerised library of over 125 years of documents, plans and warranties providing an accessible trove of historical data relating to every Parklands asset
  • automation of the most labour-intensive activity, being the irrigation of over 120 hectares of open space

These projects have streamlined and improved asset management processes across the 360-hectare Parklands, saving time and money through providing a pre-emptive, rather than reactive maintenance system.

The Parklands' Darren Handley demonstrates how the irrigation system can now be fully managed through remote technology

The Parklands’ Darren Handley demonstrates how the irrigation system can now be fully managed through remote technology


And the benefit?

A better Parklands for you, the visitor. Improved sports fields, less closure and downtime of facilities due to maintenance needs, and improved efficiency and ability to react quickly to issues as they arise.


A great partnership through a helping hand

RichmondPRA is one of Australia’s most experienced not-forprofit mental health organisations.

RichmondPRA is one of Australia’s most experienced not-for-profit mental health organisations

The digitisation project provided Centennial Parklands with the opportunity to partner with RichmondPRA, an organisation that works in local communities to help people on their mental health recovery journey.

Engaged through the assistance of National Disability Services, the project gave 10 Supported Employees (people with psychosocial disability) meaningful and dedicated work that provided the team members with new skills and a keen sense of accomplishment!


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