New bubblers in Centennial Parklands

Every few years we commission research to better understand what you love, what you don’t think is up to scratch, and what you think may be missing from Centennial Parklands. We use this research to help guide our work. One area that you raised was…water bubblers!

You said that they were in need of improvement, and more were needed. You liked those with dog taps and dog bowls, but asked for more.

We listened and we acted. As funding becomes available, we’ll be rolling out a new generation of water bubbler that meets all your wants – and more.

Not only do these new water bubblers have built in human and dog taps and dog bowls, but they also feature an accessible arm to provide a bubbler that is accessible to those in wheelchairs or are less mobile!

Where are these bubblers?

We have just installed three across the Parklands – one on the Grand Drive walking path near Federation Valley, one on the Grand Drive walking path near the Children’s Learners Cycleway, and one in Queens Park near the children’s playground.

Here’s some photos of the new bubbler near Federation Valley…

The new water bubbler near Federation Valley also features a flat accessible platform and park bench

The new water bubbler near Federation Valley also features a flat accessible platform and park bench

The bubblers are in a 'tree shape' with three levels of bubbler

The bubblers are in a ‘tree shape’ with three levels of bubbler

We’ve also upgraded a number of our existing water bubblers. however…

Unfortunately there is some bad news

Due to mindless vandalism, several of our bubblers are currently awaiting repair. One of our bubblers – a heritage stone bubbler located near Paddington Gates – received such damage to the internal piping that we have had to remove the entire bubbler so it can be repaired and we can work out how to re-install it so that it won’t be damaged again in a similar manner.

But looking upwards

We are continuing to invest in improving and upgrading our visitor assets (amenities, baby change facilities, wayfinding signage). Some of these projects are more ‘visible’ and more significant than others, but we hope you find even these small projects of interest.


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