Music crowd

We noted in one of our recent historical blog posts that we had been inspired by legendary Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly. This inspiration, however, is not the only association between Centennial Parklands and Paul Kelly!

Paul plays live in Centennial Park

25 March 2001, as support to Bob Dylan, Paul Kelly wowed the crowds in Centennial Park. Read a great account of the day here.

Were you there that day? We’d love to hear your memories!

Paul films in Centennial Park

Yes. Several scenes from his hit song “Before Too Long” (1986). Here’s the song. Centennial Park appears at the 1’05” mark, and again at 1’58” mark.

Great song. Great (quick) scenes of Centennial Park!

More about Paul Kelly

– – –

Centennial Parklands has a long history of hosting musical performances making it a vibrant part of the cultural life of this city.

Did you know:

  • a bandstand was located on Parade Grounds up until the late 1930s?
  • we hosted the Concert for Life in 1992?
  • we’ve hosted international and local acts like Bob Dylan, Santana and Jack Johnson, Missy Higgins and Ben Lee?

Of course, that’s just the outdoor events. Heading indoors there have been many years of sensational concerts at the Hordern Pavilion, and now we have the relatively new Hi-Fi Sydney.

We’d love to hear about your favourite concert memory in Centennial Parklands? Tell us who you saw play live and why it was a great concert experience.

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