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    Photo of the week: Grey skies are gonna clear up…!

We’ve had all kinds of weather conditions across the Parklands this week – puddles one minute, sunshine the next – but it’s still great to see you getting in a bit of time in nature and exercise… and doesn’t everything look so green?

Here are the best photos you took, while out and about enjoying it all!

If you would like to share your snaps and special moments in the Parklands don’t forget to tag us with @centparklands and #centennialparklands

Moore Park Golf

Image credit: @88keynectme #mooreparkgolf #bsi #bbg #bbgbusiness #js (Moore Park Golf)


Swans, Centennial Park

Image credit: @paepie_I’m the birdwhisperer ❤️ #centennialpark #sydney #australia #oz #aussie #straya #wanderlust #travel #traveling #travelling (Duck Pond, Centennial Park)



Image credit: @claireisaac Matching pair #centennialpark #swansofinstagram (Cygnets, Centennial Park)


Running, Centennial Park

Image credit: @_benquinn_We aren’t your plane, ordinary running club. NRC is taking off ✈️ @marceauphotography #nike #nikerunning #nrc #nrcsyd #running #werunsyd #comerunwithus #justdoit
(Centennial Park)


Moore Park Golf

Image credit: @the_dickster_sydney Hmmm. Pouring rain. Thunder. Lightning. Flooding. Wet tee mats. Might be a good day for a hit on the golf range. #golf #golfrange #golfintherain #mooreparkgolf (Moore Park Golf)


Centennial Park

Image credit: @mjsclanA perfect Autumn’s day
#centennialparklands #sprucegoose #instadaily #instagood #instabest #instababy #themoments #thehappynow #theweeknd #magic #myuniverse #momentsinthesun #nothingisordinary (Centennial Park)


Tibouchina, Centennial Park

Image credit: @vegbedbox Still plenty of colour to be seen @centparklands #centennialpark #sydney(Centennial Park)


Swans at Spruce Goose

Image credit: @kevmateproductions “At least there’s no line”
“What’s for lunch?”
Discussions at the Spruce Goose @centparklands
#CentParklands #Swans #mycity #Sydney #SydneyLocal #SnapSydney #CityOfSydney (Swans, Centennial Park)


Sunset over Duck Pond

Image credit: @jazzielovSunrise at the #coffeetruck #centennialpark followed by a run getting steps up for #spinners (Duck Pond, Centennial Park)


Sydney's first play garden

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