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    Photos of the Week: Blue winter skies

It is magic to watch the Parklands transform with each of the seasons. Not so long ago we were admiring your beautiful photographs of the firey red and orange autumn leaves. This week, you clearly can’t get enough of the winter’s dazzling blue skies offset by long shadows in the landscape.

We just had to share a few of your best photos!

You can share your snaps by tagging us with @centparklands and #centennialparklands. We we will ask permission to use the photos.


Pond at Winter

Image credit: @clareisaac Morning! #centennialpark #morning #sunrise @centparklands (Centennial Park)


Pond and swans

Image credit: @evie2105 Sunset over the duck pond 30/05/17 As seen yesterday at the start of my run/ speed work session after work. Happy Hump Day all! (Duck Pond, Centennial Park)


Federation Pavilion

Image credit: @vivskinner88 This small 14 metre sandstone dome sits on the birthplace of Federation. It encloses the original monument that stands where the federation proclamation was read on New Years Day, 1901. #centennialpark #centennialparklands #federation #dome #sandstone (Federation Pavilion, Centennial Park)



Image credit: @pleaideans Powerful energies (Labyrinth, Centennial Park)


Column Garden

Image credit: @jadeface89 (Column Garden, Centennial Park)


Tree at Centennial Park

Image credit: @a_pollinator Typical Sydney with its bright blue skies and grand soaring trees. Love being back in Sydney. #sydneyaustralia #centennialpark #greatoldtrees (Centennial Park)


Pond Centennial Park

Image credit: @pietrokDay 3
#sydneyrocks #sydney #beautifulviewseverywhere #cenntenialpark #walkies (Centennial Park)


Pond at Centennial Park

Image credit: @jessicafarrell666 Will miss this spot the most #1monthleft #centennialpark (Centennial Park)


Queens Park

Image credit: @limsomang The life #ally #willow #siberianhusky #husky #huskygram #huskypuppy #huskylife #sydneylife #queenspark #weekend #bbq #시베리안허스키 #개팔자가상팔자 #산책 #마실 #시드니라이프 #시드니일상 #가족 #사랑해(Queens Park)


We can’t wait to see what else winter brings!


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