This is the second teaser for the world-premiere performance of “As Small Birds Play” a beautifully crafted soundscape film inspired by the beauty of the birds and natural environment of Centennial Park.

Meet the team behind this wonderful work

  • Corrina Bonshek is an Australian composer whose recent music draws on her love of nature. Her music is characterised by lively rhythms and floating, contemplative melodies. She holds a PhD in composition from University of Western Sydney (
  • Rachael Jones is a freelance filmmaker specialising in small-scale productions. She has a Diploma in Flm Production from SAE Institute, and has a diploma in art from Falmouth College of Art in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
  • Sue Newsome studied clarinet at the Sydney Conservatorium, gaining her Bachelor of Music with merit and becoming a State Finalist in the ABC Concerto Competition. She completed the Uitvoerend Musicus on bass clarinet at the Rotterdam Conservatorium for which she was awarded an Australia Council International Study Grant. She has performed and recorded with leading new music ensembles including the Seymour Group, Sydney Alpha Ensemble and Aark Ensemble.

What is the inspiration behind the piece?

The film’s music mimics the movements of the small birds of Centennial Park, and the dappled light that beams through the Park’s vast Paperbark trees on a sunlit day. The film also takes on the point of view of a person relaxing and watching birds, allowing them to fall into a state of deep relaxation (Corrina Bonshek, Composer).

Where will you be able to see ‘As Small Birds Play’?

Exclusively at The Light Garden in Centennial Park, 18-27 January 2013. See more detail here.

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While The Light Garden is sure to become a favourite memory for you of Centennial Park, we believe that the Park – 125 years later – still lives up to its name of “the People’s Park”. And we believe there are hundreds and thousands of stories, memories and moments that park visitors have experienced in Centennial Park that has made this place the indispensible asset it remains for the community.

We’d like to hear your favourite stories, memories and moments in Centennial Park over the years. Share your story now!


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