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Recently we received a fascinating and unexpected tweet from a highly respected UK-based architectural and design directory – DesignCurial. The tweet read as follows:



Tweet from @DesignCurial


Wow! The Centennial Park Amenities received a top 10 world ranking in their recent list!

The list featured amenities from China, Poland, Japan, Switzerland and the UK to name a few, and we were delighted to see our amenities recognised on such a global list.

The full citation, and the complete list of the top 10, can be found here. However, it also reminded us of a bog…err, blog post we did a while ago featuring these very amenities. So we thought we’d give it a re-run.




Here’s a flashback into the recent history. Sometimes it’s good to remember what we had and appreciate what we have today. WARNING – post contains hint of bad pun.

Less than a decade ago, if you visited Centennial Parklands and – ahem – had to go, then these were your options…

Old Federation Valley Toilets - 2002

Taken in 2002, this image is representative of how Centennial Park’s toilet amenities used to be.



New Federation Valley Toilets - 2006

…just a few years after that photo we actually won an award for our new upgraded amenities that you know (and love?) today!

What award did we win?

The Architecture Award (Public Buildings category) from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. We would like to recognise the program designer – Lahz Nimmo Architects for their work on this project.

So next time you ‘drop in’ (ouch!), remember that you’re not just using great modern amenities, but ‘award-winning’ great modern amenities!


Buy the book “The People’s Park: Centennial Park – A History” today from your favourite bookshop, or direct from the Parklands Office. This beautifully presented 192-page authoritative history of Australia’s most important public park is a great read for anyone interested in Australian history. It also makes a great gift idea! Find out more.



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