With serene ornamental gardens, tranquil tree-lined pockets and groves, and peaceful ponds, Centennial Parklands is the perfect place for some time-out or reflection.

This week we celebrate some of the best photos to capture this ‘reflective’ theme!

If you would like to share your pictures in the Parklands don’t forget to tag us with @centparklands and #centennialparklands



Image credit @sfbemhajaNice memories… 🙂 (Centennial Park)



Image credit: @totocol A short walk to end the day #centennialpark (Centennial Park)


Pond and bird

Image credit: @mr.big.ones What do ducks do when they don’t have a mirror? (Centennial Park)


Water and bridge

Image credit: @itsjesselbear Wandering through Centennial Park and finishing with the ultimate Sunday Roast #nature #park #centennialpark #sydney #sundayroast @charlesburg85 (Centennial Park)



Image credit: @cindyhuang94 Sunday bike with friends #sunday #view #landscape #bike (Centennial Park)


Centennial Park

Image credit: @grandprixmonkey Centennial Park this morning (Centennial Park)


Plant and pond

Image credit: @fbernardo41Survivor! #centennialpark #centennialparklands #reflections #nature (Centennial Park)


Bridge, Centennial Park

Image credit: @janerhys*jane kenapa* *lagi betulin rambut sebenernya* (Centennial Park)


Pond and sunset

Image credit: @tobycentresyd Possible wilderness or urban jungle?? #pond #explore #relax #tourism #centennialpark #instadaily #reflection #travel (Centennial Park)


Get your favourite book, find a tree and join us for some well-deserved relaxation time!


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