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    Responsible dog ownership course launched in Centennial Park

Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club

A new course aimed at responsible dog ownership has been launched in Centennial Parklands. If you have recently become the proud owner of a pooch, then we really recommend this one.

Developed and delivered by the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club – who have been running dog training classes in Centennial Park since 1962 – the course will operate on Sunday mornings on the grounds adjacent to Musgrave Pond in Centennial Park, and is a six week program for adult dogs (aged six months and older).


What will the course cover?

The Responsible Dog Ownership is now available to join

The Responsible Dog Ownership is now available to join

The new course includes the latest training material and techniques from organisations such as Dogs NSW, and incorporates rules, regulations and responsibilities of dog ownership outlined in information supplied by State Government, local councils, RSPCA and Centennial Parklands.

The emphasis with this course is not so much on training the dog, but more on ‘training’ the owner to be a responsible dog owner. The Club aims to instil an understanding amongst new dog owners that owning a dog is a privilege, not a right, and it comes with responsibilities.

The Responsible Dog Ownership Course uses positive, reward based training techniques to shape the desired behaviour in a dog and strengthen the bond between the dog and its owner.  The course also features discussions on dog care and maintenance and covers important topics such as dog body language and car safety.


When will the course begin?

The next ‘joiner’ session is on 16 February 2014, with a new class starting every two weeks.


Each successful participant receives a Certificate of Attendance

Each successful participant receives a Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance

Robert Fairhead from the Club admits, “It is a big commitment to get up early for dog training on Sunday mornings. However, the goal at the Club is to make our classes both educational and enjoyable, for the dogs and their owners. And, at the end of the 6 weeks, the owner and dog are awarded a well earned Certificate of Attendance.”


Other programs are available

In addition to the Responsible Dog Ownership Course, the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club offers six week Puppy Classes, ongoing Advanced Obedience Training for adult dogs and Activity Classes for those wanting to explore the exciting sport of Agility Trialing.


More Information

For more information, including a week-by-week overview of the course material, joining dates and membership fees, head to the Club’s website.


Want to know more about dog walking, rules and regulations in Centennial Parklands – start with our Guide to Dogs in the Parklands, our recent Q&A post on dog walking or download our Dogs in the Parklands brochure in PDF now.


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