Photo of the Week this week is from Rob Barnes – a visitor originally from the UK who has come to love Centennial Parklands’ surprising ecological diversity.

“The diversity of wildlife at Centennial Park never ceases to amaze me.  For a park so close to the city centre, the abundance of birds is truly astonishing. Whether it is cycling around the park in the early weekday mornings before work, or spending a few hours at the weekend searching for birds and reptiles, this park brings me much joy.” – Rob Barnes

A research scientist by profession, Rob says he developed a strong passion for wildlife and photography during his time spent living in different countries. With respect to his Australian wildlife photobook, he tells us that Centennial Park is set to make up a surprisingly large proportion!


Purple Swamphen in Centennial Park - photo by Rob Barnes

Purple Swamphen in Centennial Park – photo by Rob Barnes


Great pic of a very familiar ‘resident’, Rob!


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