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    Share the Park: Your dog walking questions answered

Did you know that 43 per cent of Centennial Parklands is off-leash dog walking area? The area is equivalent to 154 hectares or roughly 200 international standard soccer fields! 

With figures like those it is not surprising to learn that more than 1 million dog walks are taken in Centennial Parklands every year.

As dog lovers ourselves, it makes us very proud to be known as one of Sydney’s most dog-friendly public parks.

Of course, with a shared public space, there are always a few things that  dog walkers in the Parklands should be aware of.

Where are the off-leash and on-leash areas?

You can pick up or download our helpful Dogs in the Parklands brochure (PDF, 955 kb) which has a great map to indicate ‘on-leash’ and ‘off-leash areas’ (it’s also available on our visitor app).

As a general guide, all areas inside the circuit of Grand Drive or the ‘Grand Drive loop’ in Centennial Park are on-leash. These areas include environmentally-sensitive and busy zones, such as sports fields, playgrounds, dining areas and education spaces where young children may be about.

There are only a few areas of the Parklands that dogs are not allowed to enter at all. These include:

  • the horse track (crossing on-leash is fine, but caution and right of way should be given to horses and riders);
  • Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre;
  • Moore Park Golf course;
  • Federation Pavilion;
  • Any waterway or water body.

This is for the safety of dogs and other park users, birds and animals!

Dog at Fed Pavilion

Your furry friend can enjoy off leash time in most places outside the Grand Drive loop.


How many dogs can I bring to the park?

Up to four dogs at a time can be walked under effective control (of the owner or walker).

This is State Law and its purpose is to reduce incidence of dogs injuring other dogs, or people.

Do I really have to pick up my dog’s poo?

Please do! While there are obvious ‘aesthetic’ benefits to picking up your dog’s poo, there are environmental incentives too.

Did you know that the nutrients in your dog’s faeces can encourage algal blooms in the Parklands waterways? Yuck!

Dog poo bags are available from 9 dispensers strategically placed around the Parklands. More than 200,000 bags are dispensed annually and there are more than 360,000 waste bins placed across the Parklands to help you dispose of dog waste appropriately.

How do you help dog owners?

It’s not all doom and gloom. We help dog owners every day, all year round. Here are just a few ways:

  • Lost Dogs: did you know that you can contact our 24 Hour Emergency Ranger Support number on 0412 718 611 if you lose your dog in the Parklands? Alternatively, you can report it to the Parklands Office or Visitor Information Counter. If the dog is not found, the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is a place to start. You can visit their website or call (02) 9587 9611.
  • Keeping those semi-wild areas wild: we know how much dogs love to sniff out and explore long grass and scrub in the semi-wild landscapes of Centennial Parklands. It is one of the reasons we keep off-leash areas like Sandstone Ridge and South West Paddock looking nice and wild!
  • New or naughty dogs: our long-running friends at the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club (based in Centennial Park) can provide a puppy training service. Visit their website for all the information.

‘Share’ and WIN!

Our annual Share the Park campaign is underway, reminding all visitors to ‘share’ the Parklands’ popular spaces and facilities in respectful and safe ways.

Be sure to stop by with your furry four-legged friend and ‘Share the Park’ via social media for the chance to win a night at the Residences in Centennial Park!


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