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    Come and enjoy a giant water slide on Australia Day!


The home of our nation’s Federation is celebrating Australia Day with a great Aussie tradition – come and enjoy a 315 metre long water slide in Centennial Park!

Inspired by memories of our childhood, Slidestreet takes the very Australian backyard summer tradition of a few sheets of plastic, detergent and a hose to the next level.

Slidestreet is a 315 metre pop up inflatable slip’n’slide, as long as two AFL ovals back to back and offers adrenalin-pumping slip-sliding fun.

Event details

There are a few conditions around the age and eligibility of participants, so make sure you read up to avoid disappointment.

If in doubt, watch Slidestreet in action!

Recently Slidestreet hit the streets of Perth…literally…


Water-wise design

We are very conscious of water use and management in Centennial Parklands and are delighted that our event partner will have a water reuse and repurpose strategy to address efficient and responsible use of water. Water will be circulated and reused throughout the slide during the course of the day. At the end of the event, Slidestreet will pay to have the water treated and transported for a secondary use. Read more.

You have one thing left to do…

Join us for all the fun. And share this with family and friends – it should be a great day out in Centennial Park!

Slidestreet has been a hit in Perth, now it's heading around the country!

Slidestreet has been a hit in Perth, now it’s heading around the country!


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