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    Sneak preview: The Light Garden in Centennial Park

The Light Garden - strip

From 18 to 27 January 2013, you are invited to join us for a very special celebration event, as part of the Centennial Park 125th Anniversary program – The Light Garden. These are the very first images made public that will give you an idea of what is to come.

Firstly, what is The Light Garden?

The Light Garden is a free family-friendly dusk picnic event, to be held in Centennial Park. We welcome everyone to join us on one of ten special evenings in January to experience a truly unique opportunity.

The yellow dashed line indicates the location of event activities

The yellow dashed line indicates the location of event activities

Bring your picnic rug, and either pack your own picnic or pick up some great food on-site, spread out on the grass and wait while the sun goes down…and the lights come on!

Enjoy the ambience of a summer’s evening picnic with some music, roving entertainment, and a stunning sound and image installation featuring a composition inspired by the birds of Centennial Park.

As darkness comes, historic Paperbark Grove will be turned into a beautifully illuminated walkway, replete with historic and contemporary images strung between the trees.

You will be able to walk beneath this spectacular ‘light tunnel’ and then cross the road and enter the central ‘Light Garden’. And, as a bonus, you will be able to make your wish for Centennial Park’s future and attach it the the ‘Wishing Tree’.

Is that it?

Absolutely not. There will be a range of activities and programs available to participate in, however the details of these will be for another time. Surely you don’t expect us to reveal all at once!

When will The Light Garden be alight?

You are welcome to come with your picnic rug at any time. Our entertainment will begin at 7.00 pm each evening, and end at 10.00 pm. We anticipate sunset to be approximately 8.00 pm, so that will be the approximate ‘lights on’ time.

OK, OK, enough with the details – show us some images!

The following ‘teasers’ will hopefully give you an idea of what is to come…

Paperbark Grove will become a 'light tunnel'

Paperbark Grove will become a ‘light tunnel’

Walk across from Paperbark Grove to The Light Garden and Wishing Tree

Walk across from Paperbark Grove to The Light Garden and Wishing Tree

Remind me what dates I need to pencil in my diary?

Friday 18 January 2013 is opening night. Sunday 27 January 2013 will be closing night. That’s 10 straight nights of fun and celebration. Every night will be a little different to others, so you can join us more than once!

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So…are you coming?



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