Recently we received this question on Twitter: “@CentParklands do you have the map of the old #Sydney2000 games #Olympic cycling road race route? #CantFindItAnywhere.”

We took up the challenge and looked into it – and here’s what we found.

Firstly, a planning document dating back to 1999 with the relevant dates for the preparations and events on it:


Excerpt from a planning document

Excerpt from a planning document


Next, we dug out a Parklands Magazine article from immediately after the event:


Parklands Magazine excerpt

Parklands Magazine excerpt


Then finally we struck paydirt!

A website ( had a number of reports, including:

Within these webpages was what we tasked ourselves to find – the course map:


Road race course

Road race course – map taken from


As can be seen, the Sydney Olympics road cycling race took in much of Centennial Parklands and its surrounding roadways. The course was 17 km long.

The original intention of the race organisers was to stage the event in the western suburbs of Sydney, at Bankstown. However, the chosen course was considered too flat, so the race was moved to the more challenging hills and winding roads of the eastern suburbs.

One month after the Olympic Road Races were held, the Paralympics had their turn, and here we found a further excerpt from the Parklands Magazine at the time:


Parklands Magazine excerpt

Parklands Magazine excerpt


So there we go. Ask and it shall be given…well, something like that. We’re happy to try and answer questions like this, so don’t hesitate to send them in. You never know what you’ll turn up until you start looking!

Were you here to watch the Sydney Olympics Road Race events? Tell us what it was like.


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