Tree Surgery Students

Eagle-eyed park visitors may have recently notice some people in bright coloured clothes climbing up and down trees. Don’t worry though, we’re happy they are!

Tree surgery students in Centennial Park

Tree surgery students in Centennial Park

For over 28 years, Senior Arborist at Centennial Parklands, Ted Hoare, has been part of an education program link up with TAFE NSW, Ryde Campus offering tree surgery students from the Ryde School of Horticulture invaluable practical experience.

We chatted to Ted about this work:

This is definitely one of my happiest projects. I get to share my love of arboriculture with the students and help develop their practical skills. We are, without being too cocky, an industry leader in this work and are able to impart our expertise and the importance of safe work practices.

We teach safe climbing, aerial rescue, pruning, deadwood and felling dead trees.

Through this partnership, we’ve been able to provide a well-supervised area for ongoing training and the school assisted us in managing an area of Pine Forest plantation.

These students are the future custodians of our living heritage and I am proud that we can help them achieve their goal.

About 25 students are based at the Parklands on certain days each semester. Several of the course’s teachers are themselves past students who visited Centennial Parklands as part of their study!

If you’re interested in trees, Senior Arborist Ted runs regular tree tours in Centennial Park (next one is this Sunday!).


Students learn essential skills up Centennial Parklands' trees!

Students learn essential skills up Centennial Parklands’ trees!



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